Our presentation describes a transnational project in German language learning, memory of the Shoah, and digital representations of Shoah survivors. The collaboration utilized an interactive, 3-D representation of 93-year-old survivor Abba Naor. Our goal was to investigate the role of innovative media in preserving cultural memory and as a tool for language acquisition.

Presenter Biography

Anja Ballis is Professor and Department Chair of German Literature and Language Education at the University of Munich. She combines her interests in learning with media, qualitative and educational research, and Holocaust literature and education in her current project that creates, studies, and implements in educational settings interactive, 3-D representations of Holocaust survivors in order to help preserve cultural memory of the Shoah.

Julie Winter is Visiting Assistant Professor of German at Western Washington University. Her interests in memoir, translation, stylistics, and German language and literature converge in her current collaboration with the University of Munich on digital representations of Holocaust survivors. She recently translated Holocaust survivor Abba Naor’s memoir from German into English.