On (Re)Shaping Identity: Self-Portraiture and the Quotidian (Panel / In-Person)

Special Session
American / Genres and Audiences

Ariana Lyriotakis (Trinity College Dublin)
lyri@****.com (Log-in to reveal)

Persona and confessional poetry of the Postmodern period enact an undeniable relationship with the quotidian. But how do these poems explore a visual depiction and an expression of self-identity in ordinary life? This panel will explore the methods by which poets manipulate and reject aesthetic production in their poetry, while calling into question subjectivity and truthful composition.
This session will explore poetic self-portraiture and the shaping of identity within the bounds of the quotidian. John Ashbery’s “Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror” is perhaps one of the more notable examples from this era; as a poet firmly situated within the intermediality of poetic textual images and art, he addresses “the enchant of self with self” through personal depiction and aesthetic production. But what is revealed to the reader in these moments of vulnerability and self-appraisal? How can the poet be both subject and object, while constructing a poetic likeness amongst the commonplace? This panel seeks poetry of self-encounter, whether banal or familiar, to interrogate an inward/outward representation of the self within these constructs.

We wish to invite contributions relating to any of the following aspects, as well as broader interpretations of the theme which may illuminate and elucidate in greater detail.

-Intersections of visual art and poetic portraiture

-Depictions of the domestic and the visual

-Intermediality of poetic textual images and art

-Interrogations of the actual and the self

-Orality and performance poetry

-Visuality of text and experimentation

-Mimesis and the composition of ordinary spaces

-Indeterminacy and temporality