Agnès Varda I (Panel / In-Person)

Special Session
Film and Media Studies / French and Francophone

Iliana Cuellar (University of California - Riverside)
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This panel will consider the works of pioneering French filmmaker Agnès Varda.
Agnès Varda's filmmaking career spanned well over half a century beginning in 1955 with La Pointe Courte and ending in 2019 with the posthumous release of Varda par Agnès. Her experiments in form, technique, and genre transformed not only French cinema but cinema as a whole. These experiments may be due in part to the many artistic lives she lived including her career in photography, transition to cinema, and her work in installation art. She was able to translate her genius to many different mediums and genres. In consideration of this year theme "Translation in Action," this panel seeks papers that consider Varda's work and the topic of translation broadly construed.