AI in the French Classroom: Le bon, le brut, et le truand (Roundtable / In-Person)

Special Session
French and Francophone / Professional and Pedagogy

Mina Soroosh (University of Southern California)
soro@****.com (Log-in to reveal)

In this panel, we welcome all papers related to the topic of teaching French with AI. Questions that may be addressed include:

How should we approach discussing AI with our students? What is appropriate to say and what should be avoided?

Which AI technologies are most effective for aiding students in learning French, and why?

How can educators utilize AI for lesson planning and assessment design?

In what ways and at what times should we encourage or discourage students from using AI?

How can AI support students in comprehension, production, and translation of the French language?

What implications does the use of AI in our classrooms and beyond have for student learning and critical thinking?

How can we deter students from relying solely on AI for passing the class rather than actually learning French?

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into language teaching has become a topic of increasing interest and importance. With the advancement of AI technologies, educators are exploring innovative ways to enhance language learning experiences for students. In particular, the application of AI in teaching French presents unique opportunities and challenges that warrant exploration and discussion. This panel aims to bring together scholars, researchers, educators, and practitioners to explore the intersection of teaching French and AI. We seek to foster dialogue, share insights, and showcase best practices in utilizing AI technologies to enhance French language instruction.

We invite submissions on a wide range of topics related to teaching French with AI, including but not limited to:
-Pedagogical approaches integrating AI in French language instruction and in teaching translation skills.
-Effective AI tools and technologies for teaching and learning French.
-AI-driven lesson planning and curriculum design for French language courses.
-Strategies for incorporating AI in assessment and feedback processes.
-Ethical considerations in the use of AI for teaching French.
-The impact of AI on the role of translators and language educators in teaching French.
-Student perceptions and experiences of learning French with AI.
-The role of AI in promoting language proficiency, cultural understanding, and communication skills in French.
-Challenges and opportunities in integrating AI into French language classrooms.
-Future directions and emerging trends in AI-assisted translation for French language education.