Medieval Literature (Panel / In-Person)

Standing Session
Ancient and Medieval / British and Anglophone

Anne Le (University of Notre Dame)
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Medieval Literature will study multiple aspects of medieval literature, with special consideration for work that engages with the conference theme, "Translation in Action." This panel welcomes a broad interpretation of the theme as it relates to Medieval literature as well as the field of medieval studies itself. We also welcome work that considers translation and other similar frameworks.
While Medieval Literature will consider a variety of papers, we welcome proposals that engage with the conference theme, "Translation in Action." This panel welcomes work on any aspect of Medieval literature, but work that considers translation from a broad range of perspectives in terms of the Medieval is particularly welcome. Some questions to ponder include, but are not limited to: what happens when texts move from one space to another? How does the movement between different spaces affect a character? What are the ways in which medievalists can make their work legible and accessible to those outside of the field? In what ways can translation be a metaphor? What is the relationship between an original and a translated copy? What are the limits to translation, and how do we deal with them? What dictates the ability for some things to carry over from one context into another? How might translation forge connections?